University of the Nations Schools and Seminars

   The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) including the field assignment is a prerequisite for all other U of N courses. The DTS is the gateway into the seven Faculties and various Centers of the U of N. Students may apply to any DTS, offered presently at 400 centers in 101 nations and 60 languages around the world.

   Once the student has completed the DTS, he or she may participate in the wide variety of courses the U of N offers. These courses are designed to equip the student to serve God more effectively in fulfilling the Great Commission. A student does not need to be registered in a degree programme to take U of N courses for which he or she is qualified. Students may take schools in any of the various Faculties and locations that best fit their ministry goals. Of course, to be admitted to a U of N course, an applicant must provide proof of the ability to do university-level course work in the language in which the course is offered.

   Students are encouraged to be obedient to the call of God as they seek the equipping necessary to pursue their future. This approach to education offers the student the flexibility to pursue those areas of study which are beneficial for reaching their life goals.

   All U of N courses are given a special number preceded by a three letter designator which indicates the Faculty or Centre/Institute that offers the course:

Faculty Name
Faculty of Arts and Sports
Faculty of Christian Ministries
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Counseling & Health Care
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Humanities & International Studies
Faculty of Science & Technology

   Discipleship Training Schools - YWAM DTS

   Second Level Schools
   Faculty of Arts and Sports
    Redeeming Cultures Seminar & Field Assignment | ATS 121/122 | Worcester - South Africa
    Creative Leadership Seminar & Field Assignment | ATS 177/178 | <Worcester - South Africa

   Faculty of Christian Ministries

    School of Church Planting and Leadership & Internship | CHR 233/234 | Muizenberg - South Africa
    School of Missions & Field Assignment | CHR 235/236 | Antananarivo - Madagascar
    Bible Core Course | CHR 211 | Worcester - South Africa | Antananarivo - Madagascar
    School of Biblical Studies I, II, III & Field Assignment | CHR 213/214/315/316 | Muizenberg - South Africa
    School of Biblical Teaching and Preaching & Field Assignment | CHR 371/372 | Worcester - South Africa

   Faculty of Communication
    School of Communication Foundations | CMC 211 | Lilongwe - Malawi | Media Village - South Africa   
    School of Video Production & Internship | CMC 281/282 | Media Village- South Africa

   Faculty of Counseling and Health Care
    Foundations for Counseling Ministry & Field Assignment | CNH 211/212 | Worcester - South Africa
    Introduction to Primary Health Care & Field Assignment | CNH 261/262 | Worcester - South Africa
    Foundation for Family Studies & Field Assignment | CNH/FAM 231/232 | Worcester - South Africa
    Couples and Family Counseling & Field Assignment | CNH 327/328 | Worcester - South Africa
    Children at Risk | CNH/EDN 252/253 | Muizenberg - South Africa

   Faculty of Education
    Principles in Child and Youth Ministries & Field Assignment | EDN 221/222 | Antananarivo - Madagascar

   Faculty of Humanities and International Studies
    Humanities & Science: A Christian Perspective | HMT/SCI 211 | Worcester - South Africa
    TESOL Seminar & Practicum | HMT 147/148 | Worcester - South Africa
    English Language and Culture I, II, III, IV & V| HMT 243/244/245/246/247 | Worcester - South Africa

   Faculty of Science and Technology
    Micro Business Start-Up Programme I+II | Worcester - South Africa